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Meet Our Team

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Dr. Nadine Borduas-Dedekind 🇨🇦

Principal Investigator


Ayomide Akande 🇳🇬

Graduate Student

Claudia 2.JPG

Claudia Sardena 🇮🇹

Graduate Student


Jay Dave 🇮🇳

Graduate Student


Izzy Vette🇨🇦

Undergraduate Student

Talia-NBD .png

Talia Lorincz 🇨🇦

Undergraduate Student


Paul Heine 🇩🇪

Graduate Student


Rickey Lee 🇨🇦

Graduate Student

Screenshot 2024-05-20 at 5.45.35 PM.png

Luna Cartayrade 🇫🇷 

Graduate Student


William Bae 🇨🇦

Undergraduate Student


Antoine Attia 🇫🇷🇬🇧

Undergraduate Student


Paul Bieber 🇦🇹

Graduate Student


Keighan Gemmell 🇨🇦

Graduate Student


Yuki Torigata 🇯🇵🇨🇦

Undergraduate Student


Lovepreet Manku 🇮🇳🇨🇦

Undergraduate Student

Past Group Members

Charlotte Phillips 🇬🇧, Durham University, Undergraduate/Masters Student, 2024

Anna Zeleny 🇺🇸, UBC, Masters Student, 2022- 2024

Emily Chiao 🇹🇼🇨🇦, UBC Chem 445 RLE Student, 2023-2024

Clémence Depp 🇫🇷, ENSIACET Toulouse, Mitacs summer research student, 2023 

Frank Van Strien 🇳🇱, Avans University, Undergraduate student, 2023 

Sanh Nguyen 🇩🇪, University of Rostock, Mitacs summer research student, 2023 

Isabelle Lao 🇵🇭, UBC, CHEM 445 RLE student and Research Assistant, 2021-2023  

Crizl Salazar 🇨🇦 UBC, Undergraduate student, 2023

Brandon Kozmen 🇨🇦, UBC, Undergraduate CHEM 445 RLE student, 2022

Madri Jayakody  🇱🇰, UBC, graduate student 2021-2022

Chloé Arthozoul 🇫🇷, ENSIACET Toulouse, summer student, 2022

Aldo R. Guzman 🇲🇽, Universidad Veracruzana, Mitacs summer research student, 2022

Sophie Bogler 🇩🇪, ETH Zurich, Bachelor & Master research assistant, 2018-2022

Jason Kim 🇰🇷, UBC, Undergraduate CHEM 445 RLE student, 2021-2022

Nicole Link 🇺🇸, UBC, Undergraduate CHEM 445 RLE student, 2022

Katie Thompson 🇬🇧, University of Leeds, Go Global PhD student, 2022

Gurpriya Bhangoo 🇨🇦, UBC, Undergraduate CHEM 445 RLE student, 2021

Jon Went 🇨🇭, ETH Zurich, Bachelor thesis student, 2019-2020

Andrew Leoppky 🇨🇦, UBC, graduate student, 2020

Sebastian Zala 🇨🇭, ETH Zurich, Master thesis student, 2020

Anna Miller 🇺🇸, ETH Zurich, Research assistant and Master thesis student, 2018-2020

Silvan Müller 🇨🇭, ETH Zurich, Master thesis student and research assistant, 2019-2020

Lisa Leist 🇩🇪, ETH Zurich, graduate student, 2019

Killian Brennan 🇨🇭, ETH Zurich, Bachelor thesis student and research assistant, 2018-2019

Max Aragon Cerecedes 🇲🇽, University of Pécs, summer student, 2019

Lin Boynton 🇺🇸, ETH Zurich, Research assistant, 2018

Vera Weichlinger 🇨🇭, ETH Zurich, Bachelor thesis student, 2017

Julia Werz 🇨🇭, ETH Zurich, Bachelor thesis student, 2017 

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Diversity Statement


Defining diversity, inclusion and equity:

To foster a diverse environment, proactive inclusion efforts are necessary to ensure that a person associated with any underserved, marginalized or excluded populations, feels welcomed, supported, safe and valued. Our group defines equity in academia as equal rights and equal access to opportunities to all students and staff. 

How does our group promote diversity and foster inclusion?

To encourage diversity, we believe one has to be themselves diverse in their own life experiences, skills and research. We know from firsthand experience that science is global, and only through diversity can one truly reach research excellence. A multicultural research group has the advantage of tapping into a rich resource of experiences, point of views and innovative ideas. The student-mentor relationship is dynamic, and consequently taking feedback and learning from colleagues, including students at all levels, is just as important as giving feedback. From our own experience, this type of relationship helps to foster inclusion through a supportive learning environment. This mentality is applicable to research, by diversifying research topics based on student expertise and interest, in mentoring, by being considerate of cultural backgrounds, and in teaching/outreach, by adapting to different learning styles and catering to different audiences. Finally, we hold each other to high standards of integrity, accountability and respect, necessary to foster an inclusive work and study environment. In times of struggle, we also know to seek assistance whether it be personal and/or professional help and encourage our peers to do so as well.

The NBD Group aims to be a trailblazingly diverse research group!

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