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2021 - BSc in Chemistry, University of Lille, France

2023 - MSc of Integrated research for advanced chemistry and              materials (IRACM), University of Lille, France 

Luna Cartayrade 🇫🇷 

Luna is a PhD student who joined the NBD group thanks to a collaboration with their French group in Lille. Their research focuses on atmospheric selenium and how to investigate its cycle using computational tools. 
They pursued 2 years of preparatory classes (CPGE) in Valence, France, to build their foundation on Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. They focused on chemistry and its numerous aspects by completing a BSc in Chemistry and MSc in Advanced Chemistry at the University of Lille, France. 
They have locked in their research interests on computational chemistry and how to apply it to overcome experimental limits, in the atmospheric domain. When they are not computing calculations, they enjoy all geek-y hobbies and baking cakes (the chemistry is never far away)!

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