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Biogeochemistry of Atmospheric Selenium (Se)

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Selenium (Se) is an essential dietary nutrient with an important atmospheric compartment to its biogeochemical cycle. Understanding the atmospheric fate of Se can help produce Se deposition maps for the agricultural sector to better identify areas that may be at risk for Se deficiency. Our research group is interested in studying the sources, sinks and transformation mechanisms of Se in the atmosphere. We use large data sets, experiments and field work in our approaches and work closely with chemical transport modelers.

Bottom-Up Approach

The ozonolysis of methylated selenide compounds in the atmosphere: Isotopes, kinetics, products and mechanism.

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Heine, P., Borduas-Dedekind, N. (2023) : Environ. Sci. Technol. [under review]

Pillow Bag Instrumentation

Top-Down Approach

Regional Sources and Sinks of Atmospheric Particulate Selenium in the United States Based on Seasonality Profiles.

Regional Sources of Selenium - 23.webp

Lao, I. R., Feinberg, A., Borduas-Dedekind, N.* (2023) : Environ. Sci. Technol. 57: 7401−7409 

Proton-Transfer-Reaction Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry

Se in PM   in Canada


Team Selenium


Paul Heine


Luna Cartayrade


Yuki Torigata


Antoine Attia


Lovepreet Manku

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