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2006 - Bachelor of Informatics

               Kansai University, Japan

2008 - Master of Informatics

               Kansai University, Japan

Yuki Torigata 🇯🇵 🇨🇦

Yuki is pursuing her bachelor of Science in Environmental Science at UBC. She has always been interested in stories about environmental pollution, such as mercury, cadmium poisoning, and radioactive contamination. While working in the IT industry, she became interested in data analysis of pollution, and acquiring domain knowledge. So, she returned to school and graduated from Langara College with an AS in Chemistry. She then came to UBC to learn about the transportation and transformation of elements in land, air, and water. In the NBD group, she is working on analyzing the data of atmospheric Selenium. She likes reading, drawing, and hiking in her free time.

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