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Related Literature

The NBD Group holds bi-weekly group meetings to review and discuss literature related to our research. This practice allows us to be critical of other research, compare and connect our own research to other studies, and introduce us to new methods and practices that can potentially be applied in our lab. The following is a list of all literature discussed in group meetings, from 2019 to present (Paper # - DD.MM.YY) :

#102-23.09.20: "Source appointment of volatile organic compounds and evaluation of anthropogenic monoterpene emission estimates in Atlanta, Georgia" - Yuyang et al. (2022)


#101- 23.09.06: "A vehicle-mounted dual-smog chamber: Characterization and its preliminary application to evolutionary simulation of photochemical processes in a quasi-realistic atmosphere" - Wang et al. (2023)

#100- 23.08.23: "Heterogeneous Ice Nucleation in Model Crystalline Porous Organic Polymers: Influence of Pore Size on Immersion Freezing" - Nandy et al. (2023)


#99- 9.08.23: "Inhalation of VOCs from facial moisturizers and the influence of dose proximity" - Yeoman et al. (2021)

#98- 24.07.23: “Exploring volatile organic compound emission from thermally modified wood by PTR-ToF-MS” - Romano et al. (2022)

#97- 19.07.23: “Fate of selenium in a Se-enriched region of North China: Translocation, bioaccumulation, source, and health benefits” - Cai et al. (2023)

#96- 04.07.23: “Influences of sources and weather dynamics on atmospheric deposition of Se species and other trace elements” - Breuninger et al. (2023)

#95- 21.06.23: “Ice nucleation imaged with X-ray spectro-microscopy” - Alpert et al. (2022)

#94- 24.05.23: “Wildfire particulate matter as a source of environmentally persistent free radicals and reactive oxygen species” - Fang et al. (2023)

#93- 10.05.23: “Measurements of Hydroxyl Radical Concentrations during Indoor Cooking Events: Evidence of an Unmeasured Photolytic Source of Radicals” - Reidy et al. (2023)

#92- 26.04.23: “LED-based solar simulator to study photochemistry over a wide temperature range in the large simulation chamber AIDA” - Vallon et al. (2022)

#91- 05.04.23: “Emission characteristics and influencing mechanisms of PAHs and EC from the combustion of three components (cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin) of biomasses” - Wang et al. (2023)

#90- 22.03.23: “Physicochemical properties of charcoal aerosols derived from biomass pyrolysis affect their ice-nucleating abilities at cirrus and mixed-phase cloud conditions” - Mahrt et al. (2023)

#89- 08.03.23: “The Art and Science of Climate Model Tuning” - Hourdin et al. (2017)

#88- 22.02.23: “Ozonolysis Lifetime of Tetrahydrocannabinol in Thirdhand Cannabis Smoke” - Yeh et al. (2022)

#87- 08.02.23: “Transboundary Atmospheric Pollution from Mountaintop Coal Mining” - Cooke and Drevnick (2022)

#86- 25.01.23: “Active sites for ice nucleation differ depending on nucleation mode” - Holden et al. (2021)

#85- 18.01.23: “Wildfire smoke destroys stratospheric ozone” - Bernath et al. (2022)

#84- 16.12.22: “Aqueous ·OH Oxidation of Highly Substituted Phenols as a Source of Secondary Organic Aerosol” - Arciva et al. (2022)

#83- 25.11.22: “NOx and O3 Trends at U.S. Non-Attainment Areas for 1995–2020: Influence of COVID-19 Reductions and Wildland Fires on Policy-Relevant Concentrations” - Jaffe et al. (2022)

#82- 14.11.22: “Characterizing Fuel Use and Emission Hotspots for a Diesel-Operated Passenger Rail Service” - Rastogi and Frey (2021)

#81- 31.10.22: “Accurate prediction of ice nucleation from room temperature water” - Davies et al. (2022)

#80- 14.10.22: “Rate of atmospheric brown carbon whitening governed by environmental conditions” - Schnitzler et al. (2022)

#79- 30.09.22: “The human oxidation field” - Zannoni et al. (2022)

#78- 16.09.22: “Dimethylated sulfur compounds in the Peruvian upwelling system” - Zhao et al. (2022)

#77- 02.09.22: “Mexican agricultural soil dust as a source of ice nucleating particles” - Pereira et al. (2022)

#76- 19.08.22: “Atmospheric Brown Carbon on the Tibetan Plateau: Regional Differences in Chemical Composition and Light Absorption Properties” - Xu et al. (2022)


#75- 04.08.22: “The UNAM-droplet freezing assay: An evaluation of the ice nucleating capacity of the sea-surface microlayer and surface mixed layer in tropical and subpolar waters” - Ladino et al. (2021)

#74- 21.07.22: “Marine gas-phase sulfur emissions during an induced phytoplankton bloom” - Kilgour et al. (2022)

#73- 07.07.22: “Structure and Protein-Protein Interactions of Ice Nucleation Proteins Drive Their Activity” - Hartmann et al. (2022)

#72- 23.06.22: “Formation pathways of aldehydes from heated cooking oils” - Takhar et al. (2022)

#71- 26.05.22: “Relating Structure and Ice Nucleation of Mixed Surfactant Systems Relevant to Sea Spray Aerosol” - Perkins et al. (2020)

#70- 12.05.22: “A New Type of Quartz Smog Chamber: Design and Characterization” - Wa et al. (2022)

#69- 28.04.22: “Emission Rates of Volatile Organic Compounds from Humans” - Wang et al. (2022)

#68- 14.04.22: “Size-Resolved Surface-Active Substances of Atmospheric Aerosol: Reconsideration of the Impact on Cloud Droplet Formation” - Kroflič et al. (2018)

#67- 31.03.22: “Quantification of cooking organic aerosol in the indoor environment using aerodyne aerosol mass spectrometers” - Katz et al. (2021)

#66- 17.03.22: “Laboratory and field studies of ice-nucleating particles from open-lot livestock facilities in Texas” - Hiranuma et al. (2021)

#65- 03.03.22: “Electrostatics Trigger Interfacial Self-Assembly of Bacterial Ice Nucleators” - Madzharova et al. (2021)

#64- 17.02.22: “Cyanobacterial Toxins and Cyanopeptide Transformation Kinetics by Singlet Oxygen and pH-Dependence in Sunlit Surface Waters” - Natumi et al. (2021)

#63- 01.02.22: “Atmospheric Benzothiazoles in a Coastal Marine Environment” - Franklin et al. (2021)

#62- 12.01.22: “Ozone chemistry in western U.S. wildfire plumes” - Xu et al. (2021)

#61- 01.12.21: “Selenium volatilization from tundra soils in maritime Antarctica” - Ye et al. (2020)

#60- 17.11.21: “High Sample Throughput LED Reactor for Facile Characterization of the Quantum Yield Spectrum of Photochemically Produced Reactive Intermediates” - Wu et al. (2021)

#59- 03.11.21: “On the fate of oxygenated organic molecules in atmospheric aerosol particles” - Pospisilova et al. (2020)

#58- 20.10.21: “Drivers of the fungal spore bioaerosol budget: observational analysis and global modeling” - Janssen et al. (2021)

#57- 06.10.21: “Reductions in the deposition of sulfur and selenium to agricultural soils pose risk of future nutrient deficiencies” - Feinberg et al. (2021)

#56- 22.09.21: “Triplet Photochemistry of Dissolved Black Carbon and Its Effects on the Photochemical Formation of Reactive Oxygen Species” - Wang et al. (2020)

#55- 08.09.21: “A Major Combustion Aerosol Event Had a Negligible Impact on the Atmospheric Ice-Nucleating Particle Population” - Adams et al. (2020)

#54- 25.08.21: “Predicting heterogeneous ice nucleation with a data-driven approach” - Fitzner et al. (2020)

#53- 11.08.21: “How are Humans Exposed to Organic Chemicals Released to Indoor Air?” - Li et al. (2019)

#52- 28.07.21: “Coexistence of three liquid phases in individual atmospheric aerosol particles” - Huang et al. (2021)

#51- 14.07.21: “Brownness of Organic Aerosol over the United States: Evidence for Seasonal Biomass Burning and Photobleaching Effects” - Chen et al. (2021)

#50- 30.06.21: “Photochemical Aging of Levitated Aqueous Brown Carbon Droplets” - Jones et al. (2021)

#49- 16.06.21: “Factors affecting wavelength-resolved ultraviolet irradiance indoors and their impacts on indoor photochemistry” - Zhou et al. (2020)

#48- 02.06.21: “Human Emissions of Size-Resolved Fluorescent Aerosol Particles: Influence of Personal and Environmental Factors” - Yang et al. (2020)

#47- 19.05.21: “Specific Ion–Protein Interactions Influence Bacterial Ice Nucleation” - Schwidetzky et al. (2021)

#46- 05.05.21: “Observations Confirm that Volatile Chemical Products Are a Major Source of Petrochemical Emissions in U.S. Cities” - Gkatzelis et al. (2021)

#45- 21.04.21: “Laboratory studies of fresh and aged biomass burning aerosol emitted from east African biomass fuels – Part 1: Optical properties” - Smith et al. (2020)

#44- 07.04.21: “Constraining Atmospheric Selenium Emissions Using Observations, Global Modeling, and Bayesian Inference” - Feinberg et al. (2020)

#43- 24.03.21: “Interparticle Delivery and Detection of Volatile Singlet Oxygen at Air/Solid Interfaces” - Durantini and Greer (2021)

#42- 10.03.21: “Advancing the photochemistry of DOM: Quantification of singlet oxygen and formation mechanism of selected photoproducts” - Ossola, Rachele (2021 Doctoral Thesis)

#41- 24.02.21: “Southern Ocean cloud and aerosol data: a compilation of measurements from the 2018 Southern Ocean Ross Sea Marine Ecosystems and Environment voyage” - Kremser et al. (2021)

#40- 10.02.21: “Lifetime and diffusion distance of singlet oxygen in air under everyday atmospheric conditions” - Wang et al. (2020)

#39- 27.01.21: “The enhancement and suppression of immersion mode heterogeneous ice-nucleation by solutes” - Whale et al. (2018)

#38- 13.01.21: “How To Give a Scientific Talk, Present a Poster, and Write a Research Paper or Proposal” - Hites (2014)

#37- 12.12.20: “Molecular Dynamics Simulation of the Structures, Dynamics, and Aggregation of Dissolved Organic Matter” - Devarajan et al. (2020)

#36- 25.11.20: “Formation kinetics of furfuryl alcohol in a coffee model system” - Albouchi and Murkovic (2017)

#35- 18.11.20: “Analysis of Organic Anionic Surfactants in Fine and Coarse Fractions of Freshly Emitted Sea Spray Aerosol” - Cochran et al. (2016)

#34- 28.10.20: “The contribution of black carbon to global ice nucleating particle concentrations relevant to mixed-phase clouds” - Schill et al. (2020)

#33- 14.10.20: “Ice Nucleating Particles Carried From Below a Phytoplankton Bloom to the Arctic Atmosphere” - Creamean et al. (2019)

#32- 30.09.20: “A Drone-Based Bioaerosol Sampling System to Monitor Ice Nucleation Particles in the Lower Atmosphere” - Bieber et al. (2020)

#31- 16.09.20: “Concentrations and Adsorption Isotherms for Amphiphilic Surfactants in PM1 Aerosols from Different Regions of Europe” - Gérard et al. (2019)

#30- 02.09.20: “Measuring a 10,000-fold enhancement of singlet molecular oxygen (1O2*)  concentration on illuminated ice relative to the corresponding liquid solution” - Bower and Anastasio (2013)

#29- 19.08.20: “Fresh versus Photo-recalcitrant Secondary Organic Aerosol: Effects of Organic Mixtures on Aqueous Photodegradation of 4-Nitrophenol” - Braman et al. (2020)

#28- 12.08.20: “Singlet oxygen production abilities of oxidated aromatic compounds in natural water” - Wang et al. (2020)

#27- 22.07.20: “Aging Effects on Biomass Burning Aerosol Mass and Composition: A Critical Review of Field and Laboratory Studies” - Hodshire et al. (2019)

#26- 08.07.20: “The global impact of bacterial processes on carbon mass” - Ervens and Amato (2020)

#25- 24.06.20: “Prediction of Photochemically Produced Reactive Intermediates in Surface Waters via Satellite Remote Sensing” - Chen et al. (2020)

#24- 10.06.20: "Contrasting behavior of antifreeze proteins: Ice growth inhibitors and ice nucleation promoters" - Eickhoff et al. (2019)

#23- 25.05.20: “Photolytic Aging of Secondary Organic Aerosol: Evidence for a Substantial Photo-Recalcitrant Fraction” - O’Brien and Kroll (2019)

#22- 13.05.20: “The Labile Nature of Ice Nucleation by Arizona Test Dust” - Perkins et al. (2020)

#21- 29.04.20: “The surface tension of surfactant-containing, finite volume droplets” - Bzdek et al. (2020)

#20- 01.04.20: “Evolution of Indoor Cooking Emissions Captured by Using Secondary Electrospray Ionization High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry” - Zeng et al. (2020)

#19- 18.03.20: “Complex three-dimensional self-assembly in proxies for atmospheric aerosols” - Pfrang et al. (2017)

#18- 04.03.20: “Direct observation of aqueous secondary organic aerosol from biomass-burning emissions” - Gilardoni et al. (2016)

#17- 05.02.20: “The SPectrometer for Ice Nuclei (SPIN): an instrument to investigate ice nucleation” - Garimella et al. (2016)

#16- 29.01.20: “Effect of heterogeneous oxidative aging on light absorption by biomass burning organic aerosol” - Browne et al. (2019)

#15- 08.01.20: “Investigating the Heterogeneous Ice Nucleation of Sea Spray Aerosols Using Prochlorococcus as a Model Source of Marine Organic Matter” - Wolf et al. (2018)

#14- 18.12.19: “Indoor terpene emissions from cooking with herbs and pepper and their secondary organic aerosol production potential” - Klein et al. (2016)

#13- 04.12.19: “Direct Online Mass Spectrometry Measurements of Ice Nucleating Particles at a California Coastal Site” - Cornwall et al. (2019)

#12- 20.11.19: “Changes in Light Absorptivity of Molecular Weight Separated Brown Carbon Due to Photolytic Aging” - Wong et al. (2017)

#11- 06.11.19: “Photosensitized production of functionalized and unsaturated organic compounds at the air-sea interface” - Ciuraru et al. (2015)

#10- 23.10.19: “Signatures of Biomass Burning Aerosols in the Plume of a Saltmarsh Wildfire in South Texas” - Myers-Pigg et al. (2016)

#9- 09.10.19: “Contribution of Charge-Transfer Complexes to Absorptivity of Primary Brown Carbon Aerosol” - Trofimova et al. (2019)

#8- 25.09.19: “Effects of Photolysis on the Chemical and Optical Properties of Secondary Organic Material Over Extended Time Scales” - Walhout et al. (2019)

#7- 11.09.19: “Glucose as a Potential Chemical Marker for Ice Nucleating Activity in Arctic Seawater and Melt Pond Samples” - Zeppenfeld et al. (2019)

#6- 14.08.19: “Detection of Active Microbial Enzymes in Nascent Sea Spray Aerosol: Implications for Atmospheric Chemistry and Climate” - Malfatti et al. (2019)

#5- 03.07.19: “Oxidative Processing Lowers the Ice Nucleation Activity of Birch and Alder Pollen” - Gute and Abbatt (2018)

#4- 19.06.19: “Photooxidants from brown carbon and other chromophores in illuminated particle extracts” - Kaur et al. (2019)

#3- 05.06.19: “Effects of Ice Nucleation Protein Repeat Number and Oligomerization Level on Ice Nucleation Activity” - Ling et al. (2018)

#2- 22.05.19: “New type of evidence for secondary ice formation at around −15 °C in mixed-phase clouds” - Mignani et al. (2019)

#1- 08.05.19: “Investigation into Photoinduced Auto-Oxidation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Resulting in Brown Carbon Production” - Haynes et al. (2018)

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