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Capstone Conference

Dr. Nadine Borduas-Dedekind &  Ayomide Akande gave amazing research presentations at the Capstone Chemistry of Indoor Environments Conference in Washington D.C. See their posters of the NBD Group's work on the fate of cashmeran from perfume (Ayomide) and the production of singlet oxygen from cooking aerosols (Nadine) here! 

Oct. 20th 2023

Singlet oxygen poster_NBD.png

AAAR Conference

Rickey Lee is presenting a poster at the American Association for Aerosol Research Conference in Portland, OR this week. He is currently developing an environmental chamber for simulating atmospheric chemical reactions, right here in our lab. Congratulations Rickey! 

Oct. 4th 2023



Huge congratulations to Paul Heine for the publication of his first paper "The Ozonolysis of Methylated Selenide Compounds in the Atmosphere: Isotopes, Kinetics, Products, and Mechanisms" in Environmental Science & Technology. 

Aug. 21st 2023

Paul Se Paper.webp

SA'n'DWICh Week! 

Skills Acquisition 'n' Discovery Week in Chemistry was a success! Great job to everyone for being amazing teachers this week. Click to learn more about what SAnDWICh week is, and why we do it. 

June 29th 2023


CSC Vancouver 2023!

The NBD Group attended the annual Canadian Chemistry Conference, June 4th - 8th. Congratulations to Nadine, Anna, Paul B., Paul H., and Ayomide for giving fantastic talks, and to Claudia and Rickey for their amazing research poster presentations!

June 8th 2023

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