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2021 - MSc in Technical, Applied Physical, and Analytical Chemistry

                Technical University Wien, Vienna, Austria​

2019 - BSc in Technical Chemistry

               Technical University Wien, Vienna, Austria

Paul Bieber  🇦🇹

Paul was born in Vienna and grew up in the rural area around the city. After he finished High School with a focus on mechatronics, he studied Technical Chemistry at the Technical University of Vienna. During his master thesis project, he built a drone-based sampling setup to measure bioaerosols emitted from the terrestrial biosphere. After his Master graduation, Paul joined the NBD group where he is pursuing his PhD and will move to Vancouver soon. Paul aims to investigate the ice nucleation activity of biomolecules in a bottom-up approach to gain fundamental understanding of heterogeneous ice nucleation. When Paul is not sampling bioaerosols with drones or investigating ice nucleating molecules in the lab, he likes to spend several days outside hiking and camping at fascinating places.

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