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2015 - PhD in Atmospheric Chemistry

               University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada

2011 - MSc in Organic Chemistry

               University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada

2008 - BSc in Chemistry

               Université de Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada

Nadine Borduas-Dedekind 🇨🇦

Nadine is an atmospheric organic chemist interested in chemical mechanisms in the gas phase and in the aerosol phase. During her PhD, Nadine studied the chemical mechanisms of gas phase pollutants using mass spectrometry and chromatography. She has also gained experience working with Environment and Climate Change Canada as well as with the Council for Scientific Research, an air quality consulting company in South Africa. Nadine pursued an NSERC PDF at ETH Zurich in Switzerland studying photochemistry and its impact on aerosol-cloud interactions. The NBD group started in November 2018 supported by an Ambizione grant funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation, and moved to the University of British-Columbia in January 2021. Ongoing NBD group interests include reactive oxygen species produced during photochemical exposure of aerosols and organic matter acting as atmospheric ice nuclei. The NBD group also has an online mass spectrometer to look at the fate of indoor air pollutants. Nadine is also an aspiring science communicator and an avid alpine skier.

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