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Keighan Gemmell  🇨🇦

Keighan joined the NBD group to pursure his PhD in Chemistry with a specialization in aerosol photochemistry. He grew up in Calgary, AB and moved to Victoria, BC to pursue a Bachelor's in Chemistry and Earth and Ocean Science. His previous research has used Earth System Models to evaluate chemical weathering rates in various theoretical past and future climate states, as well as using machine learning techniques to deepen our understanding of climate interactions through both satellite observations and climate model output. He now has a strong interest in aerosol photochemistry, specifically atmospheric oxidation reactions, and hopes to use experimental work to advise future climate model projections. Outside of the lab you can find him playing Volleyball or Basketball, Fly Fishing, and playing the bass guitar.

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2022 - BSc (Honours) in Chemistry, Earth and Ocean Sciences

                     University of Victoria, Canada

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