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Emily Chiao 🇹🇼🇨🇦

Emily was born in Taiwan and raised in Vancouver, BC. She is currently a fourth-year undergraduate student majoring in Chemical Biology at UBC. For many years, she had a strong desire to pursue a career in anesthesiology but decided to approach it from the perspective of therapeutic drug development. She finds synthetic organic chemistry fascinating and enjoyed her research project with Dr. Mohammad Shanb Ghanzi in Chemical Engineering, which focused on developing biodegradable nanoparticle coatings for sustainable virus-retention facemasks.


Emily joined the NBD group in October 2023 as an undergraduate volunteer to investigate atmospheric ice nucleation and enzymatic digestion of organic aerosol particles. Going forward, Emily will continue her project as a CHEM 445 RLE student. When Emily is not occupied with exams and labs, she enjoys oil painting and water colouring sceneries and human portraits. She also has a passion for photography, and enjoys chasing sunsets wherever she goes.

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