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6. Aspuru-Guzik, A., Baik, M.-H., Balasubramanian, S., Banerjee, R., Bart, S., Borduas-Dedekind, N., Chang, S., Chen, P., Corminboeuf, C., Coudert, F.-X., Cronin, L., Crudden, C., Cuk, T., Doyle, A., Fan, C., and 35 other co-authors, (2019) Charting a Course for Chemistry.

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5. Borduas, N.*, (2018) Chapter: Tropospheric Ozone in South Africa. State of the Air Report 2018 

(Chapter to be published as part of a government report for the Department of Environmental Affairs of South Africa.)

env affairs SA.png

4. Borduas, N.*, Donahue, N. (2017) Chapter 3.1. The Natural Atmosphere. Green Chemistry: An Inclusive Approach. Elsevier, pp 131-150.

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3. Borduas, N.* (2016) Sharing African Science on Social Media. (Commentary)

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2. Borduas, N., Lin, V. S.* (2016) Research highlights: Laboratory studies of the formation and transformation of atmospheric organic aerosols. 

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1. Yeung, C. S., Borduas, N., Dong, V. M.* (2012) Metal-Catalyzed Heck-Type Reactions and C–C Cross Coupling via C–H Activation. Science of Synthesis, Cross Coupling and Heck-Type Reactions 43: Chapter 3.3 

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